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 A Padscript drawing example


Learn to Program with PadScript   


A mobile programming language that creates computer generated images

Programming is good for your mental health. In particular, it challenges and tests your imagination and your logic. Padscript enhances your programming skill on the go in any situation where you find yourself using your phone to pass the time productively. it also generates useful output in the form of JPG and PNG images that you can add to your website, apps and presentations. So don't do crosswords, do Padscript.

You can create visual graphics objects and complete images on your mobile device. You input text source code with the built-in text editor then run the program to draw the image. Then you can save the image as a JPEG or PNG file. Padscript is a good way to start learning how to write programs and at the same time produce useful images.

Padscript is a small step towards thinking like a programmer and eventually becoming one. Using Padscript involves creating problems then solvinq them. You learn by experience how to design programs, execute them, test them and debug them. It is an engrossing and rewarding occupation. It lets you find out if you enjoy programming and if you are good at it before you invest in longer term studies of established programming languages such as JavaScript, Java and Python.

Like these languages, Padscript has statements, syntax, loops and objects all behaving as they do in other languages. It can draw simple shapes as well as complex ones and combine them into visual displays limited only by your imagination, logic and spatial awareness. Simple shapes are easy to create but complex ones require considerable effort and skill, as in other programming languages and success generates the same sense of elation.

The best way to use Padscript is in the iterative approach to software development. You write a line of code and immediately click DRAW to test it. If it is completely successful, save the code to a file then go on working on the next line. If it doesn't do what you want debug it. If it is partly correct save it to version 2 of your program

You can share these images, use them in your websites and presentations and even sell them as Padscript objects.

For an introductory period Padscript is offered free with no charge or advertising. Monetisation will be added when the trial is completed.

Some free examples: